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September 2023 Newsletter

Hello Galveston County CERT Family!

The first major hurricane of the season just went through Florida and the Southeastern States this week. The next one could happen here, so please stay vigilant and be prepared and assist your neighbors in understanding what preparedness means living in Galveston County!

Our website has developed an issue this past 2 weeks. I am trying to get the issue resolved with the company that provides the service. It seems that the certificate that goes with the website that verifies security has expired and we need a new certificate. The website can still be used, but I had to force my computer to ignore the security certificate to go to the site. I would encourage you to got to the site but don’t sign in, instead just use the links and calendar to conduct business on the site until the certificate issue is corrected. This issue has been corrected (8/31/23)

Here are some things that are coming soon!

  •        I would like to ask each of you to share photos and videos that you may have of CERT functions that you have attended during the past 3 years. We have not had a social since the start of the pandemic, and we will have a social dinner prior to the meeting in November at the OEM. We would like to create a slideshow of photos and videos to play during the social time before the meeting and we can’t do it without your help! Please send any photos or videos to Kate Harris via her email at


  •        Operation Safe and Sound is starting on Saturday, September 2nd, and will run through Monday, September 4th. We need your help to be successful in keeping our visitors safe! Follow this link to sign-up!We need volunteers on all shifts on Sunday and Monday!
  •        We will have a Zello drill using our cell phones after the meeting on September 6th. Please download the app to your phone and be prepared to learn how this app may make communications possible and easier until radios are available. Follow this link to let us know that you are ready to be enrolled in the Zello app for Galveston County CERT.
  •        We are needing your help as a CERT responder or as a victim for the Jamaica Beach academy on Saturday, September 23rd. Please plan to arrive at 1 pm at the Jamaica Beach City Hall.
  •        Our CERT All-Members Drill has been postponed due to the excessive heat until October 7th. Please go online and register for the drill by following this link!
  •        We will hold our last academy in October, and we will hold it at the Justice Center in Santa Fe. We need you to share with everyone you can think of that would like to join you in CERT and ask them to follow this link by sharing it with them and others on your social media or by sending them an email with the link!
  •        If you haven’t yet, please register for the mass notification system, and be sure to complete the google doc so that I will know that you are registered, and I can move you into our group. Here is the link to the google doc and it has a link to the Everbridge registration page.

Protect yourself from heat emergencies by hydrating prior to activities outdoors!

See you on September 6th at our monthly meeting!
John Herrmann

Posted by : Herrmann, John Updated on :08/31/2023