Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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October Newsletter

Welcome to October,

If you have not heard the news, our CERT Program has been recognized by FEMA for "Outstanding Achievement in Youth Preparedness."  This award was won due to our involvement with the students at Galveston Ball High School and their TEEN CERT Program.  Our TEEN Cert groups continues to be something we should all be proud to be a part of.

Our Harvey response is still ongoing.  Now we're in the recovery stage and many of our CERT Family members have been working on surveying our citizens to come up with needs assessments for both city governments and our county.  To date we have served over 1000 hours during our response to Harvey.

Note of Gratitude:

Many of you worked countless hours helping storm victims, working at supply centers, clearing debris and taking care of friends and family in your neighborhoods. Our County Judge, Mark Henry has asked that we extend his personal thanks for your dedication to the county.  We would like to assure that each CERT member who took part in the Hurricane Harvey event receives a personal thank you.  If you served the community during this effort in any capacity, please fill out this form.


CERT Officer Elections: October is the month that we elect our CERT Officers. CERT officers agree to go above and beyond being a CERT member by serving the county organizing events, keeping inventory and helping build our membership.  

The following individuals will be running for our CERT Officer Positions:

Running for Captain:

Karen Booren

Running for Operations LT.

Carla Burris

Running for Logistics LT. 

Joe Everett

Steve Warren

Running for Radio Communication LT.

Tina Pennington

Where you can vote:

Jamaica Beach - CERT members who are residents in Jamaica Beach can vote for CERT officers on Tuesday, October 3rd at 6PM at the city park in Jamaica Beach.  Jim Gentile will have the ballots.

Office of Ememrgency Management - Members attending the regular Wednesday night  CERT meeting can vote at this election.

Online Voting - Any member who can not attend a meeting will be able to vote online.  The electronic ballot will be available online on the CERT Website from Monday morning at 6AM 'till Wednesday afternoon at 4PM. To vote elecrontically, you will have to provide your email address to allow us to verify the votes.


CERT Meeting

Galveston County OEM - Meeting starts at 6:30 PM.  


Upcoming CERT Academy:

In October we will offer another CERT Academy.  This academy will take place in Texas City.  If you know of anyone who would like to take part in this academy please have them go to this link to sign up.


JSC Health Fair - 

October 11th we will work the NASA/JSC Health Fair.  If you are interested in working this event you will find the details at this link.

 We hope to see you all at the CERT Meeting this month!


Doris & John

Posted by : Herrmann, Doris Updated on :09/30/2017