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CERT Newsletter June 2017

CERT Family,

Welcome to June and to the start of our 2017 Hurricane Season.

This season we will coninue our focus on helping our community members prepare for the upcoming season.  We're also hosting another CERT Academy in June. 

Our next CERT Academy is in the Bacliff area and will be held in June.  The exact location of this academy will be emailed out to all participants once the location has been finalized.  If you know someone who would like to take a class in this area, please share this link with them.  If you are some of your family members woulde be interested in helping us with the graduation drill on June 24th, please sign up here.

June Events Information and Sign Up -

June 3rd: Extreme Weather Ready Expo - At George R Brown.  More information and sign up can be found here.

June 7th - TDEM Hurrican Excercise at Carlos Garza Park.  More information and sign up can be found here.

June 17th - Advanced First Aid Class at the Office of Emergency Management.  More informatiion and sign up can be found here.

June 28th - CPR Class at Office of Emergency Managment. More information and sign up can be found here.


The best time to prepare for a hurricane is long before it is a threat to our coast.  Please make sure you have all of your supplies, that you have a plan for your family and your pets and that you always stay weather around.  The National Hurricane Center has great information on their website.  You can keep track of local hurricane events on the Galveston Counyt Office of Emergency Management website.

Thank you for all you do for our county,


Doris and John

Posted by : Herrmann, Doris Updated on :05/31/2017