Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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June 2024 CERT Newsletter

Welcome to Hurricane Season in Galveston County!

Please take the time to review your plans in case a storm is heading our way.

Do you have flood insurance? Do you have all your insurance information readily available to you either in a water-proof box or saved on a cloud so that you can access from anywhere you have access to the internet? Do you have your health insurance and doctor’s information available, even if you evacuate for a storm? Do you have at least 10 days’ worth of yours or a family member’s prescriptions?

Do you have vaccine records and health records for pets? Do you have prescriptions for your pets that you can take with you if needed? Do you have food, crate, or other items that your pet may need if you must evacuate?

Do you have storm supplies such as a radio, batteries, flashlights, water, food that can be prepared and eaten without power, plans to charge electronic devices, and other needs that effect your ability to wait out power being re-established?

Also, please take time to talk to your neighbors and others who may be new to the area and let them know how to prepare for a safe Hurricane Season!

I hope that you will make yourself available to help before, possibly during, and after a storm as needed. We will not be doing much training during June and July as we get used to the heat, but please check the website for information on available training starting in August.

2 lives were lost during the Memorial Day weekend on Galveston Island and many more successful rescues were made that saved lives! CERT was active on the San Luis Pass and our efforts make a difference! Please consider making time to participate during the long 4th of July holiday and the Labor Day weekends!

OSS 4th of July 4-day Weekend Link:

OSS Labor Day Weekend Link:

Other upcoming CERT Trainings:

Trailer Team Meeting and Training on June 8, from 8 am – 1 pm, meet at Storage building.

Heart Saver First Aid/ CPR/ AED class on Monday, August 12, from 8am – 5 pm

Bandaging skills training and Stop the Bleed class, August 13 (Tuesday), from 9 am – Noon.

Splinting skills training class, August 15 (Thursday), from 9 am – Noon.

CERT Academy 2024-3 in September. Location TBD.

CERT Academy 2024-4 in October. Location TBD.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 5th, at Walter Hall Park in the large indoor pavilion. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm and our Guest Trainer will be Hannah Stewart. Hannah recently completed our CERT Academy and is part of an Opioid Overdose Research Group with UTMB. Hanna will lead us in an Opioid Overdose training and Narcan will be given to those who have not received Narcan in the previous training. This will be a great training opportunity, please make plans to attend!

See you soon!

Posted by : Herrmann, John Posted on :05/31/2024