Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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June Newsletter

Welcome to June CERT Family!

We all know that June brings the start of Hurricane Season.  Please make sure you are ready in case a storm comes this way.  Knowing that you have a plan in place before the storm will help you greatly once the storm hits.  Here are a few helpful hints from our friends at Ready.Gov on being ready for a storm.

If you would like to help your friends prepare, we will be sharing helpful tips using our social media platforms.  Please feel free to share those tips with your friends.  Also, if you know someone who has moved into the area, please talk to them about preparedness.  Most people don't start preparing until the storm is in the Gulf. Here is a link to our Facebook page.

We've Been Busy! 

May was a busy month for GCCERT!  We served our community during a weather event, a barge accident, Operation Safe and Sound,  and many other community events.  Thanks to all who served the citizens of Galveston County this month.  


UpComing June Events

City of Galveston Town Hall Event - June 1st 9 AM - 1 PM

June CERT Monthly Meeting - June 5th is our CERT Monthly Meeting. 6:30 - 8 PM @ The OEM

Clear Lake Shores Hurricane Preparedness Meeting -  6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Extreme Weather EXPO - June 8th 10 AM - 3 PM @ George R Brown 

CERT Trailer Team Practice - June 12th 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM @ The OEM 

CERT Drone Team Meeting - June 15th 8 AM - 1 PM @ The OEM @ Jamaica Beach City Hall

Jamaica Beach Hurricane Preparedness Meeting - June 15th 10 AM - 11 AM

Youth Preparedness Conference - We are proud to announce information regarding our upcoming Galveston County Youth Preparedness Conference.  This group of students will take part in a CERT Academy, take CPR, Advanced First Aid and Stop the Bleed classes.  They will also take part in a round table discussion with local emergency officials on how teens can help serve their community in an emergency and discuss careers in emergency services and help recruit others to join TEEN CERT or our Youth Preparedness Council.  We are proud to offer this program to our youth!   Sign up for students is here.  @ The OEM

San Leon Hurricane Preparedness Meeting - June 17th 7 PM - 8 PM @ San Leon VFD


 July - There will not be a monthly meeting during July.  Our next monthly meeting will be held on August 7th.


Thank you for all you do for Galveston County,


Doris & John

Posted by : Herrmann, Doris Updated on :06/01/2019