Galveston County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
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December Newsletter

CERT Family,

Welcome to December, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

This year has been filled with so many challenges for our community.  We are proud to say that through all of the adviersity, Galveston County CERT serves as a becon of light in dark times.Because of your amazing work this year, FEMA has recognized our team and has interviewed us to be part of a national effort to help strenghten CERT programs.  We have won our third national award for CERT programs and will be featured in a CERT Web conference for our response during Harvey.  We are not only making a difference in our own community, but we are helping build programs nation wide!  Thanks to you all for all of your efforts!  

In January, we will have a kick off dinner for our CERT Family.  This dinner will be held at Lou's Bait Camp. Lou's is not a fancy place, so please dress casually!  This is John and my favorite place to eat!  

Here we will recap the year, discuss future goals and honor those in our team who have given above and beyond. We will look at some of the future goals we've set for CERT and we  will also honor our instructors who have helped us achieve our 3rd National Award.   .

Please make sure you plan to attend.  You can sign up here.

A very special thanks to our Captain, Karen Boren for setting up this event. 

Future Events:

Moving Day - As our program grows, so does our need for staorage.  On Saturday, December 2nd, we'll be moving much of our equipment to a new location to assure that it is easy for all of our CERT members to get to in an emergency.  We need help moving this equipment.  If you can help on the 2nd, please sign up here.  

HAM Cram - December 9th we will host another HAM Cram event.  One thing we learned during Harvey is that phones go down! and sateflites will fail us!    Please consider taking this class and getting certified.  As we all have learned, communication is the first thing to fail in an emergency.  HAM operators are a vital part of our communication plan.

Sign up here for details and to sign up for this class. This class will help you prepare for and take the HAM Certification course.  

CERT Rodeo - If you would like to be part of our Rodeo Team Sign up here.  Our December practices will be on the 6th and the 13th starting at 6:30PM.  .  We will be training  for the event which is held in Febraury.  Please sign up to get more details about this fun event.

Our prayer this holiday season is that all of you are safe and happy.  We know this year has been rough for many of our members.  After Harvey, John sent an email to all of you asking that if your home had been damaged in the storm, that you let us know.  We are proud to say, that on November 30th, the members who filled out this form and had sufferred damage from Harvey have been awarded funds to help them recover.  This came from the  Galveston County Recovery Fund (a private philanthropic fund to channel money to those First Responders)

January is the start of a new year.  It is a time we rethink our commitments to ourselves and to our familes.  This January, we ask you to remember the commitment you made to your neighbors and continue to help build our CERT program.  We know now more than ever, that without a strong group of neighbors who are willing to help out in a crisis our response to Harvey would be vastly different right now.  Please think about helping grow our CERT program.  We will annouce our new CERT Acaedmy schedule in January and we're hoping for full classes. 


 Doris & John




Posted by : Herrmann, Doris Updated on :11/30/2017